16a. Vogt's Image of Archaeopteryx, 1880


After viewing the illustration of the Berlin Archaeopteryx that appears in Seeley's 1881 article, it is of interest to compare the illustration reproduced here, which accompanied Carl Vogt's 1880 article. Vogt's piece originally appeared in the Revue scientifique in 1879, and appears here in translation. The illustration is a photograph of the actual slab. Seeley's illustration, it will be recalled, was based on a photograph but was actually drawn by an artist. There is much more detail visible in Seeley's plate than in Vogt's, which shows the limitations in the printing of photographs in the 1880s, and why for decades drawings of fossils were prefered to photographs.


Vogt, Carl. "Archaeopteryx macrura, an intermediate form between birds and reptiles,". in: Ibis, series 4, vol. 4 (1880), pp. 434-456. This work is part of our History of Science Collection, but it was NOT included in the original exhibition.

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