39a. Christman does Camarasaurus, 1921


In addition to his delicate drawings of a Camarasaurus head, and his construction of an articulated Camarasaurus skeleton (see item 39), Erwin Christman contributed some other remarkable studies to Osborn's and Mook's 1921 monograph on Camarasaurus. The plate reproduced at right shows four views of a model sculpture of the sauropod. And the illustration below shows an immense fold-out plate with a full skeletal restoration. Notice that the animal is tallest at the shoulders, rather than the hips. This misinterpretation would be corrected when the articulated Carnegie juvenile Camarasaurus was found the very next year (see next item).



Osborn, Henry Fairfield; Mook, Charles Craig. "Camarasaurus, Amphicoelias, and other sauropods of Cope," in: Memoirs of the American Museum of Natural History, new series, vol. 3 (1921), pp. 247-387. This work was on display in the original exhibition as item 39.

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