28a. The Skin of the Mummy, 1912


This article by Henry F. Osborn presents the first thorough analysis of the Trachodon mummy that had been found by the Sternberg family in 1908. The article is copiously illustrated. There are three photographs of the mummy itself; one is double-page, showing the mummy at 1/9 natural size; the other two show, on one page, from two different vantage points, the mummy at 1/13 natural size. In addition, there are three full-page plates that provide details of the mummy's skin, showing the arrangement of large and small tubercles that was so different in appearance from the skin of modern reptiles. We reproduce one of these at the right.

There are two other illustrations of special interest; one shows Charles Knight's restoration of Trachodon; the other shows Osborn's own restoration, which includes the new information about the skin. Click here to see both of these plates.


Osborn, Henry Fairfield. "Integument of the iguanodon dinosaur Trachodon," in: Memoirs of the American Museum of Natural History, new series, vol. 1 (1912), pp. 33-54. This work is part of the Library Collections, but it is NOT on display.

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