31a. Marsh’s Ceratosaurus, 1892.


In 1884 a nearly complete skeleton of an unknown carnivorous dinosaur was found in Colorado, in the same Jurassic beds that had yielded Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus.  It was discovered by M.P. Felch and is here first described by Marsh.  He named it Ceratosaurus nasicornis.  As restored, the skeleton was twenty-two feet long and twelve feet high.  Its closest relative, Marsh guessed, was Ornithomimus.


Marsh, Othniel C. "Restorations of Claosaurus and Ceratosaurus," in: American Journal of Science, series 3, vol. 44 (1892), pp. 343-349.  This work is part of our History of Science Collection, but it was NOT included in the original exhibition.

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