3c. Mantell's Ideal Geological Section, 1838


This detail of a ideal geological section was published in Gideon Mantell's Wonders of Geology, 1838. It shows the dinosaur-bearing strata, using the nomenclature in use in England in the 1830s. Weald was the term used for the middle Cretaceous formations of southeast England; Chalk denoted the upper Cretaceous; Oolite was upper Jurassic, and Lias was lower Jurassic. Megalosaurus was found in the Oolite of Oxfordshire, while Iguanodon was found in the Weald of Sussex and the Isle of Wight.

A section similar to this was reconstructed on the grounds of Sydenham Park in London, when the full-size dinosaur restorations of Waterhouse Hawkins were erected in 1854 (see second illustration at item 5).


Mantell, Gideon. The Wonders of Geology. London: Relfe and Fletcher, 1838. This work was on display in the original exhibition as item 3, but it is not opened to this plate.

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