44b. Heilmann's Archaeopteryx, 1927


Although Heilmann’s dinosaur restorations are justly renowned today, because he showed dinosaurs in such active poses, those are relatively small images, set right into the text.  For his representation of the Berlin Archaeopteryx, Heilmann chose to use a large, double-page, folding plate.  In what appears to be a photolithograph, Heilmann reproduced a life-size drawing that he himself had made from the actual specimen in Berlin.  The reproduction shows his drawing at one-half size.  Although the plate is mounted in the book with the head at the top, it is apparent from the signature that Heilmann drew it with the head at the left, as has always been the convention with this specimen, and we therefore show it here in the conventional position.

For other images of the Berlin Archaeopteryx, see item 16 and item 16a.


Heilmann, Gerhard. The Origin of Birds. New York, D. Appleton & Company, 1927. This work was on display in the original exhibition as item 44.

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