44a. Struthiomimus and Gorgosaurus, 1927


There are 142 figures in Heilmann’s book, all drawn by Heilmann himself, but only six of these are restorations of dinosaurs (his book, after all, is about birds, which he did not think were related to dinosaurs).

In addition to Iguanodon and Compsognathus (see item 44), he also depicted Struthiomimus (right) and Gorgosaurus (below). Struthiomimus was named in 1916 by Henry Fairfield Osborn (see item 35), from a specimen discovered by Barnum Brown in 1914.   Gorgosaurus was discovered by Charles H. Sternberg in 1913 and named and described by Lawrence Lambe in 1914.  Some consider it to be an Albertosaurus; others prefer to retain Gorgosaurus as a separate genus.



Heilmann, Gerhard. The Origin of Birds. New York, D. Appleton & Company, 1927. This work was on display in the original exhibition as item 44.

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