5a. The Full Sydenham Park Panorama, 1854


The illustration at the right shows the entire plate by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, depicting the Sydenham Park dinosaur reconstructions (detailed views of this plate are shown with item 5). On the island, from left to right, the dinosaurs are: Iguanodon, another Iguanodon, Hylaeosaurus, and Megalosaurus. The sequence runs chrolologically from right to left, so animals found in the New Red Sandstone, at far right, are the oldest, while animals found in the Chalk, at far left, are the most recent. The crocodile-like animal on the shore in the center is a Teleosaurus, a non-dinosaur Mesozoic reptile, and other Mesozoic marine reptiles, such as Plesiosaurus and Ichthyosaurus may be seen in the water at the right.


Hawkins, Benjamin Waterhouse. "On visual education as applied to geology," in: Journal of the Society of Arts, vol. 2 (1854), pp. 444-449. This work was on display in the original exhibition as item 5.

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