31b. The Smithsonian Ceratosaurus Mount, 1920


Gilmore's memoir on Ceratosaurus could easily have been included in this exhibition in the section on "Great Dinosaur Monographs of the Early Twentieth Century (see items 37-41), but we placed it here because Gilmore included several restorations of Ceratosaurus that were made earlier, around 1900 (see item 31), including a painting by J. M. Gleeson, under the direction of Charles Knight. We show here (top right) a photograph of the recently installed Ceratosaurus mount in the United States National Museum (right). What is interesting about the mount is that the Gleeson drawing is hung on the backdrop of the case, as can be more easily seen in a detail enlargement of the photograph (see below left).




Gilmore, Charles W. Osteology of the carnivorous Dinosauria in the United States National Museum, with special reference to the genera Antrodemus (Allosaurus) and Ceratosaurus. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1920. Series: Smithsonian Institution. United States National Museum. Bulletin 110. This work was on display in the original exhibition as item 31.

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