7d. Figuier's World Before the Deluge, 1867


Louis Figuier's La terre avant le deluge was first published in 1863, and it became immensely popular and was often reissued and translated; we have an 1867 English translation. Figuier included a unique series of restorations of different periods of the earth's past, which were drawn by Edouard Riou. The illustration at the right resurrects two animals of the Weald: an Iguanodon and a Megalosaurus. Unlike the reconstructions of Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, these two dinosaurs are warring with one another in a quite ferocious manner.

Notice that although the effect here is quite different from the tranquil scenes in Goodrich's Illustrated Natural History, the pose of the Megalosaurus is identical in both cases.


Figuier, Louis. The World Before the Deluge. "A new edition." London: Chapman and Hall, 1867. This work is part of our History of Science Collection, but it was NOT included in the original exhibition.

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