24b. A Diplodocus goes to Germany, 1907


The Diplodocus mount sent to Great Britain in 1905 by the Carnegie Museum was a plaster replica.  This mount, presented to the new Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1907, was the real thing.  It had been found at Bone Cabin Quarry in Wyoming in 1899 by W. D. Matthew and P. Kaison.  The cost of preparing this mount was born personally by the president of the American Museum of Natural History, Morris K. Jessup.

The Scientific American article also includes a photograph of Charles Knight’s charming sculptural restoration of Diplodocus, which was on display with the Diplodocus mount at the American Museum in New York.


"Diplodocus: The greatest of all earthly creatures," in: Scientific American, vol. 96, no. 24 (June 15, 1907), pp. 491-492.  . This work is part of our History of Science Collection, but it was NOT included in the original exhibition.

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